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Dissar Beauty Skincare SPF 50+ Sunscreen

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  • Regular Price: 850
  • Category: Sunscreen

Dissar Beauty Skincare SPF 50+ Sunscreen

   *** The lightweight and moisturizing cream is non-stimulating and offers superior quality against sunburn and skin aging caused by the sun. Keep hugging the sunlight.

   *** Light, moisturizing sunscreen with a Foundation that gently protects the skin from the negative effects of UV rays, preventing the aging process.

   *** Provides a healthy skin tone, does not allow the appearance of freckles. Evenly distributed, without leaving greasy traces.


*** Keywords: Shine. Not greasy. Ultralight Topcoat SPF50 + SPF5 + Oil Free Sunscreen.

   *** Moisturizes the skin

   *** removes peeling; anti-aging effect; mattifies

   *** Adjusts to your skin tone; prevents the appearance of freckles

   *** Protects the skin from UV rays.

   *** Can also be used as foundation

*Patch testing involves applying a small amount of a substance or product to the skin and leaving it on to see if a reaction develops.

Net weight: 40g

Made in: PRC

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Dissar Beauty Skincare SPF 50+ Sunscreen
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